Alates and Formicarium

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I heard there is a skirmish mode planned where it is similar to free play except the player goes against enemy AI colonies. Maybe one of the goals of this mode is to produce alates? Or maybe it is the goal of a new mode combining aspects of free play and skirmish? One's colony would have to be thriving and beating out its competition to produce alates. Once produced, they would fly away.

To make this mode rewarding, one alate could equal one point. The more points gained the more resources to spend on. Ex: If I were to get an impressive amount of points with Formica rufa, I would unlock a Formica rufa only formicarium. To get resources for the Formica rufa formicarium, I'd have to get points as Formica rufa, which would be converted into resources (food, tiles). If this is implemented after all the planned species are released (in a long time), one could get a collection of formicariums with different species to build upon. This is great for people who have dreamed of keeping ants but will likely never keep them :D! It would also allow the game to have a lot more reward-based playtime rather than just playing free play over and over (even though the free play is still fun).
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Maybe you could do Formica-Rufa only missions. So you could experiment more with them on missions rather than just two.
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