Hi everyone!

I am new to the forum, and really I'm just trying to help a friend for her son's birthday. I am helping them buy a cheap (~$200-300) PC that will run EOTU. Unfortunately at that price range I'm looking at a machine with an integrated GPU such as the Intel HD 4600.

Can anyone tell me if this game will run with Intel HD 4600 graphics, or something similar? I've looked up some benchmark comparisons, and I'm not expecting the greatest performance, but I would really hate if this game was just completely incompatible with integrated graphics.

Also, I apologize if this is the wrong forum! I considered the Bugs/Troubleshooting board but I just wasn't sure.

Thanks for your help!

I have an Intel HD 5000, the game runs fine on the lowest graphical settings. Because the current levels in the game don't require very large colonies, the performance is playable. In the largest levels, there might be infrequent, short lag spikes. When reaching above 40-50 ants it becomes a little laggy and the lag increases as you gain ants. I think you should be able to play the game, just be prepared to put it on the lowest resolution possible. I hope this is helpful.
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Buying a PC at that price is gonna leave you with basically nothing. You should get him a laptop instead since you won't have to spend money on a screen, but if you have a screen already then my point still stands. For a couple more hundred bucks you can get him an actual computer with capabilities, integrated chipsets are a joke and I don't even know why they are still being sold.

Here's a laptop I found on

The thing has a GTX 1050 TI, an actual graphics card, for $649.00. Not to mention the intel processor. It should run this game fine, and it's only $300 more than what you want to spend but you'll actually get something. Integrated chipsets are useless and with a newer game like this one it's gonna suffer even on lowest settings, and the game looks terrible that way.

If you have a screen already, here's a tower on

For $569.99 the graphics card is worse than the laptop's but you can always hone your search options on the left and find exactly what you want for the lowest price they offer it. These are just examples but if you want my personal opinion I would say stick to Dell and it's brands because they are really solid computers. I recently bought a premade gaming computer from their gaming branch Alienware and the thing runs like a clock, not a single problem since installation day.

I would say that if your budget is only $2-300, wait a while until you can spend a little more. You don't wanna spend $300 for a computer that is going to be useless