Food Mechanics

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Ants should not only harvest, but join together to drag the corpse back to the nest. For this trade off of you choosing to harvest or drag back, you should use more ants. I do not have any idea on how you would choose, but I think it is somthing to consider. Workers and soldiers can work together.

Other Bugs

When bugs kill each other, they do not stop and eat, even when there is no threat to them. Bugs should restore some of their health when they eat, but they can not eat the food item in half a second. It should take time, only stopping if they have achieved full health and are at their final stage of development. This would remove lots of the corpses across the map in the corner, far out of your reach.

Food Diveristy

I have noticed while playing that you get the black shiny food when your ants harvest any corpse. The food does not portray the Beach bugs very well, as they are more white and yellow in color. I understand that this game is in the early stages of development, so sorry of I am a bit negative, I am just pointing stuff out.
Ants are beautiful,
but if fooled around with,
can be deadly.

Yeah, I would like to see ants cooperatively bringing carcasses back to the nest. If it takes 20 worker ants to bring back an adult devils coach beetle, it would take 8 black ant soldiers because they are bigger. How many ants are needed could be determined by size.

 If there are not enough ants around in a short enough time, the ant will stop trying to carry prey back to the nest and take a piece. But if there are enough ants around, they will work together to bring the carcass to the nest.
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I think I made a thread about this on the steam forums, pretty sure they said it could be a possibility in the far future but it would also take lots of work and not on the priority list right now