As in the freeplay, the levels shouldn't have branches in the way. Yes you can see through them but they are too visually distracting. I'm a very visual person and it's too much visual noise to play the colony in the NW quadrant. If you want to be putting branches in peoples way then you need to allow for the camera to be manipulated to a different angle.

I agree.
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Maybe just add an option to not show any three-dimensional stuff (objects that raise over the gameplay plane) for people who can't deal with minor visual clutter.

I like the branches and the way they are handled by the camera. Btw you DID notice that in 2.1 above the colony the tree branches becomes fully transparent but you still see it's shadow on the ground?

Well you got a Point there allthough I think I can see the Tiger beetles in 2.1 North of the nest entrance a second later threw the treebranch and so I get less Food and more dead ants an in medium and hard mode that Food that is lost can be important.
If this is planed to make the game harder it is fine with me thow and not a big deal