What is Your Favorite Level?

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If I had to choose one,  it would be 1.2. The fact that there are funnel web spiders that you can dig out make it so fun to play.
Ants are beautiful,
but if fooled around with,
can be deadly.

1.2 on insane + challenge mode. But when challenge mode comes out for 2.1 or 2.2 I'll probably like those better.
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I think my favourite as an overall experience is 2.1 - you get to see the surface for the first time, you see the lovely rendering as the game changes from day to night then particularly at dawn, the game suddenly becomes much more expansive.

But when I feel like replaying a level for kicks, it's always 1.2 with challenge mode. I just freaking love the spiders and it's also my favourite of Liam's music.

My utmost favorite Level is 2.1 because you have to get as much Food as you can but if you are to greedy your ants are drwoning and you die at nicht. Allthoth 2.2 is not far behind it because it is like the next Level after 2.2 like a Story mode of some Kind 1.2 is great too and I think i have played 1.1 far to often to get all that royal jelly to build up my colonie

I was, and still am, a big fan of 2.1 insane.  It's been a very difficult challenge to tackle and then master the level, with the sheer variety of enemies with their individual ability assignments to face keeping the experience interesting.  It's one of very few cases where there is a large amount of places that you can actually fail the level, leaving no point where you can truly coast by.  I've also always quite liked the achievement you feel after defeating challenging foes, making every milestone quite satisfying (beating wave 3 of both nights 1 and 2 always gives me a rush). 
And on the sixth day, God created ant in his own image, and gave them dominion over the earth and all of its creatures.  Amen.

Definitely 2.1 - it has a good pacing and uses the flood mechanics well. And it's just really nice to see your ants swarm out over the beach and across the entire map (unlike in 2.2 where you're just defending the same spot all the time).