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Hi, I have noticed that spitters are actually more effective than mortals in every way? they have kinda same range and when i tried to do like 50 vs 50 lvl 1 spitters won with big reservers...same with 50 vs 50 lvl 3 and even 100 mortals vs 50 spitters, spitters killed like 60 of mortals ...is it intended or am i missing something? Do mortals need buff?

Mortars are only really effective when fighting small numerous weak enemies, preferrably at choke points.
Against everything else rapid fires are better as they can actually hit fast-moving enemies, something mortars absolutely fail at. At level 3 rapid fires even get a slow which enables them to kill pretty much everything except the most durable or numerous enemies before they can even make close combat contact.

Generally the Formica rufa unit balance is pretty terrible. The soldiers do far too little damage for their price and a group of cheap workers is almost always better to screen shooters than using actual soldiers. Regarding how the shooters' power exponentially explodes after a certain numbers large groups of rapid fires don't even need an escort at all. They just nuke everything before it can significantly damage them.

The vegetarian ant:
Wich one did you choose first in the formicarium ?
Me I have always got the same thing as you but reversed : in anything I try mortars beat spitters

if u mean campaign i always chose  mortals...i actually never tried spitters so i wanted to test it out in the arena

Rapid-fire are better for being spammed at lvl 1. 

Mortars are better for being built up to lvl 3 if you can utilize their splash damage. 


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