Heyo it is me again!

After the most recent patch (well done, much more exciting and challenging now!) I have been noticing towards the later stages, the bugs stop dropping food and simply dissapear. Not sure if this is intended but it feels like it should not be this way. I have noticed as the game progressed and thus difficulty increased, the bugs would be dropping with less and less food. The ones who are not "harvestable" appear to still drop the normal amount of food but any who are then harvestable are just simply gone
During this play through I was trying to go for maximum population to test the optimizations done so the settings are very low. No attack waves, no fog of war and lowest start difficulty on slider bar

UPDATE: It would appear even the "non harvestable drops" such as the little grub things that just drop their body to the ground are giving zero food when returned to the nest.
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