In freeplay a bunch of the ants are becoming stuck around the entrances. They are unable to move but can interact with things coming near them. If there was an easy way to add an image I would.

I have something similar happen in regular mode. I tried several things to get them to release and what ended up working was assigning them all to the nest group. At that point they all moved away from the entrance and things began working as expected again.

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Rare now, but does still happen. Will pass it on to the guys - it used to be a much bigger issue. Pathfinding is a complex thing to do.

Happened to me in the formicarium level as well (middle entrance).

By me, this problem is caused after reloading the Game in Freeplaymode.
The exit and entrance doesn´t fit anymore with the one in the underground.
Maybe something with the Rotation from the Exit and the path finding?

Awesome game! I am really enjoying it. Appreciate the efforts to work out the bugs! So many games today don't focus on it enough! Again really appreciate it!

Well my entire formicarium is broken now because of this bug. The ants stuck at the holes/entrance at the top prevent the attacking ants during the challenge from moving past them. If I bring my ants out of the nest then they fight on the holes and even more get stuck in entrance holes. In fact almost all of my ants got stuck. Sucks that I have to delete and restart after putting so much work in.

I've had this problem in freeplay a couple times too. You eventually have to start a new game.