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Me and my friend really like this game and we would like to play a mode like... We can either work together or battle for food or just ya know live together! I think it would be fun....multiplayer?? please i understand if it doesn't work

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We'd like to do multiplayer but we have to finish our single player experience first. If we did do multiplayer, it would probably (at least initially) be a skirmish vs mode - not allied or co-op. But as always, never say never - if things go well with the full release, we're likely to continue supporting the game and adding new stuff to it for quite a while!

For this, I think, I have to complete my single player game series.

There are so many single player games. A different game has its own target or I can say level to complete the goal or to reach to the goal. You can also play a multiplayer game by using some tricks.