Balance issues

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As I reported yesterday in another topic, it was not fun playing Freeplay at a 30% level, but did have a very enjoyable game at 16%, though a little too easy.

Realistically, can't see that many bugs running around on the beach. I had selected spikes, no attack waves, and disabled the larger bugs. It would have been better, IMO, to have another enemy ant colony I had to compete with for food and less constant attacking insects. Or had them in areas i could attack when ready, though I understand the need for surprises.

Another area of imbalance is regular mode when attempting the challenges a second time. 1.2 has more attacking insects of different types of dangers. More to contend with, yet the rewards for 1.1 and 1.2 are the same value. So why would anyone want to replay the harder for the same reward? Get my point? Awesome game though! I love how it plays and the graphics as well. Awesome work on ant animations and AI.

Enemy ant mounds are planned to implemented when the new update comes out.  If you are playing with Formica ereptor, taking over the map is fairly easy with anything on, except maybe waves of creatures. For a real challenge, try Formica fusca.
Ants are beautiful,
but if fooled around with,
can be deadly.

I just finished 2.1 & 2.2 as well as the challenge. Loved it! The balance was great. This game really rocks. And if you knew how picky I was, you would know how much of a congrats that is! :)