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First Formicarium Challenge Glitch


This is a MAJOR glitch. The ants, both enemy and friendly, would just stop in their tracks, making the challenge incompletable. It happens to the ants outside of the entrances. In my second run, I tried letting the enemy ants in the hill, but they would just sit at the entrances. Once I killed them, my ants froze. The ants also seem to get stuck in the top of the entrances.
I am on:
Windows 10
Resolution: 1366 x 768

I have not been able to replicate exactly what you said however I have fixed something that could have been causing this. Around the nest entrance lips there is meant to be an invisible wall to prevent ants getting too close to the edge. This was not working due to a different change we had made. It was possible for creatures to get stuck where this wall should be and if an enemy got stuck there potentially your ants may have not been able to reach them.

The fix will be pushed with the next update. When I have done that I would appreciate knowing if the issue has gone. Will let you know!

The issue was fixed when I did not group up my ants at the entrance. I think it might have been that the challenge itself was causing the glitch. I have been unable to spot it in any other situations.

im haveing problems with my ants getting stuck on the first formicarium at the entrance my self but have not had the same luck as mrced2003 i have tryed makeing a second colony and trying from the start with no luck

The vegetarian ant:
I've regularly got this problem but generally putting them on nest group and removing the pheromone marker, re put them and finally put and remove prohibition to fight and gather


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