A few suggestions

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Just my 2 cents:
  • Transportation Ants: Ants that can not harvest food but can transport it twice as fast as the other ants - so the other Ants harvest it, give it to those transport-Ants and go back to harvesting/defending while the transportation-Ants go to the nest
  • Higher Pop-Limit: I had colonies with 500+ Ants without any lag or problems - my PC isn't too bad, but it's also not high-end.
  • Rebuild Walls: I think everybody had this once - your Ants smashed a wall by accident. It would be nice if you could rebuild those.
  • More Zoom: I would like to zoom out a bit more, so that the Ants look like Ants from up here ;)
  • Sniper-Ants: More Damage, more range but slower with shooting than the fast-shooting ants.
  • Reset-Button for the Battle Arenas: So you don't have to wait until all the creatures are gone
  • An "Invade now" Button for the Freeplay: Every press it releases 10% of your Population in enemy Ants on the border of the map that go straight to your nest
  • Choosable Map-Size: I would love to have Maps at least twice as big s now.
  • Random generated Maps: So you just choose the main Theme ("Beach") ant the rest is different every time.
  • Uber-Ants: For like every 50 Tiles of one sort you can build one "Uber"-Tile that spawns an Ant that it twice as big and Powerful as the rest.
  • Ants are more responsive to markers: Especially when you have just a few Ants in the beginning I noticed, that 1/3 of the Ants don't care about the markers I set - from 7 Ants only 4 go there and the rest stays with the Queen. That is, especially in the beginning when you sometimes really need all of your ants somewhere (intruders) really frustrating and can kill your whole colony.

I have to say, I do really love this game. I know it from "Is it worth a buy" from YT and he really is right, this is a fantastic game, even for it being so early in making.

Best regards

Regarding rebuilding walls I would like to point out that there are in fact ants in nature that have a subtype with such an obnoxiously big head that it can't even feed itself and these ants sole duty is to shove their giant heads into the nest entrance at night to plug it up to defend from predators and raids from rival colonies.