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For some reason, it seems that what appears to be a duplicate food item is created occasionally when a food item is grabbed by an ant.  This item cannot be picked up, however, and vanishes after existing for a minute or two. 

I determined this was what was happening since the glitch also occurs when a corpse is harvested, dropping a random food bit on the ground that cannot be grabbed. 

It may be that what's happening is the ants are carrying the food, but not carrying the model with them for some reason, which fixes later.  I haven't been able to spot any ants carrying air to food piles to know if this is the case. 

This glitch does not seem to occur with corpses (devil's coach horse larvae and weevil larvae). 

Hi Rayalot,

I have tried to replicate this and do not seem able to. There was a bug with a phantom seed appearing on dead creatures which was just something that was not set to invisible (think the bug is still in the current build but has been fixed on development build).

Have you noticed it with any particular types of food? How often does it occur? Any more info you can give us would be helpful!

Could this possibly be food being ignored?
In freeplay food will despawn after 3 minutes so an ignored food item would seemingly disappear. I have managed to replicate a food item being ignored.

Right I think I have found and fixed the issue. What was happening was in fact the ants targeting the wrong thing and hence thinking they have arrived at the food storage when in fact they have only just picked up the food (so they drop it on the floor). As this food is  registered to the food store all other ants ignore it until it is eventually spent and deleted. Will be fixed in the next update. Thanks for the report!

No problem. 

Good, I was worried food was being wasted since I had started seeing them grab and then drop food without actually moving it. 

Sorry I forgot to check this thread, I could probably have manged to record it. 


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