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Confirmation: 2.2 Insane is still possible


It's very difficult, however.  I'd go for about 20 melee soldiers, 40 worker tanks built up early to collect food, 40 workers doing nest work, and 60 spitters (rapid-fire for high-end PCs, mortars for low-end PCs).  All other food should be used for reinforcements on the last day. 

The significant nerf to lvl 3 mortar splash damage has made the cost of making them far too high to opt for it.  Lvl 1 spam is now the only way to beat 2.2, and will probably leave you heavily constrained in terms of food.  Typically, most food is spent gaining numbers, but here the reinforcements will have costs ranging from 500 to 2k in a single day. 

Do your best not to over-spend, and make no attempts to kill enemies on the lower levels. 

Yeah, I can't beat that level anymore with mortars.

I had trouble beating this new version before I took your advice, thanks. A food buffer of 1500-2000 was absolutely needed for day 3. I survived quite easily with 80 workers + 70 rapid fire + 40 soldiers, all Level 1s.

Welcome back!  I myself used 70 rapid-fire and 30 soldiers (with 80 workers with the same 50/50 split again) on a friend's better PC on my second win.  Considering you had more food to spare, I figure I'm doing something inefficiently, but oh well.  You'll have to make a new video. 

Now I just need to check that I can actually still do it with lvl 1 mortars with the lower framerate on my PC. 


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