Free Play Hardest Difficulty

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Hey guys, came back to check on the game after the update. Love the new save game feature, hope we can have more campaign missions soon.  :)

Played around a bit with the Free Play map on hardest difficulty (Custom Species, Ramp with Spikes, Max Start Difficulty, Upkeep, Nest Invasion/Uber Creature/Attack Waves/Fog of War) and got to Wave 28 after a couple tries. Pretty difficult, here's my highest score right now.

Did Mortars really got nerfed? I might switch to Rapidfire next time.

I compared some of my older videos to some battle-simulator stuff, and it seems they really did get a nerf, and a very heavy one. 

I also recall that I could make lvl 3 mortar beat rapid-fire with equivalent food, but now it seems like this never happens (it's not even close). 
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