Challenge 2.1 and 2.2

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bug #1) always get mortar ants for the scenarios no matter whether i select rapid fire or mortar at the beginning screen.

bug #2) Also the mortar ants level 3 splash effect seems to be not working? its hitting an ant but no damage seems to be happening to the ones around it.

not sure if these bugs are just for my formicarium or for all of them

Edit: started a new formicarium, the options to change from rapid fire to mortar at the beginning of each wood ant scenario are working properly, however the level 3 mortar splash damage is still not working.

Edit 2: restarted a game on 2.2 after i got too greedy and failed the scnario. The original game i had rapid fire ants, after restarting it automatically gave me mortars for some reason.
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Mortar splash damage works, but is very very low, and requires tight clumps.  It's essentially  useless as of now, sadly. 
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