Why is it that the Formica ereptors already have the DNA from other species? Did the scientists include the corpses of the desired ant species in the initial start up? If not, when your colony reaches the missions of the various species, an ant should be included on the surface, dead or alive.
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The process by which new DNA is introduced is deliberately vague - it might be rather grisly in nature. Perhaps it's just added to the food the scientists feed them. Either way, it's not really all that relevant except from a completionist lore point of view - and we're a bit light on lore as is!

The workers by their name gene stealers probably harvested DNA from the second Formica Erepta colony, to get the Formica Fusca DNA. The scientists must've given a black ant corpse to the queen for the black ants.

So if there was a Formica ereptor in the form of a Formica fusca, could an enemy ereptor take fusca genes from it?
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Probably not because it would most likely need a pure form of the DNA to use, let's just see what lore the devs make up.