New species ideas

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I just so happen to have been researching a couple unique species of ants when I stumbled upon this game, I thought I might suggest some of the more fun sounding types:

1. There was one species specifically that came to mind playing this but I forget the name. This species was interesting because the new queens sometimes choose to nest in the top layers of an active termite mound, then proceeds to slowly invade, outpopulate, and basically conquer the preexisting termite colony. They also have a special soldier subtype that grows a gargantuan well armored plug shaped head it crams into tunnel entrances to control the movement of the termites.
  I was thinking this concept would make a neat "dungeon crawler" type of underground map/gametype where you are fighting your way down through layer after layer of termite infested tunnels, perhaps making use of the "plug" soldiers to block and unblock potential attack and defense chokepoints.

2. Honeypot ants. These bizarre critters have a subtype that morphs into a large living jar to store nectar for times when food is scarce. This might make a cool concept for a "seasons" type map/gametype where you need to stock up food during the abundant spring and fall for the more desolate/deadly summer and winter, perhaps with unique hazards and predators from season to season (Ie mostly coachhorse larvae in spring, adolescents in summer, and full grown adults in fall/winter or a river freezing over opening up new paths to different parts of the map come to mind).

3. Ant medics. Recent research has surprising discovered that a number of ant species will actually drag their wounded back to the nest and carefully tend their wounds until they can recover, usually regaining enough functionality to actually hunt and raid again (mortally wounded or severely maimed members seem to sense their situation and refuse treatment by fighting off the medics when they try and drag them home, essentially samurai-style honorable suicide for the good of the clan). If I recall correctly colonies that did this could maintain a size roughly 30% larger than competing colonies that didn't, and as we all know when colonies fight size is everything.
  Would make an interesting concept for a low-food level where every death counts and deciding whether to risk a medic to retrieve that dying soldier from an enemy could be the soldier or medic that turns the tide of the next colony fight (some sort of injured state would have to be added for this and probably reduced effectiveness or a long recoup time for previously injured ants).

Future gamemode where you can't place any more ants? Do with what ya got.