The predator to my enemy.

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Well, after playing this game for a while and winning lots of battles against many predators, I realised that all other insects which are not part of my colony are my enemies(that's quite normal), but why should they all be friends and not attack each other at some point?? For instance in the subjugation mission, spiders won't attack a devil corch horse trespassing its trap zone, it could be a strategic maneuver using this borrowing spiders at our advantage. So can this be considered in anyways?
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This is only the case in the missions due to balancing reasons. In freeplay they are attacking each other :)

I think the spiders do attack devil's coach horse larvae?  It's been a while since I played that mission, but I had been pretty sure that was something that could occur if they triggered the web.  The spiders definitely attack weevil larvae and woodlouse, mole crickets, and slave-makers. 
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That's only true for 2.1 for balancing reasons. In 1.1, devils coach larvae and adults are not meant to attack each other (obviously), although, yes, they are allied to mole crickets. In 1.2 spiders will attack and kill wood worms, wood lice, devils coach larvae, and enemy ants. With challenge mode on, even mole crickets and enemy ants will battle each other. In 2.2 if you look at the enemy colonies at dawn, they will battle hermit crabs and wolf spiders that are retreating back to wherever they go at day time. The purpose of 2.2 is defending your colony from two fronts and staying alive. So for the purpose of the level both colonies are allied, but they will still attack enemy insects such as wolf spiders and hermit crabs (especially at dawn when they are coming to the surface after night). And in free play all enemies are attack each other.

Honestly the game does a pretty good job at keeping enemy behavior realistic except for 2.1, which I don't mind.
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I quite agree the spiders attack and kill wood worms and wood lice, but l didn't notice them going for the devil coach horse, like they don't go for other ant predators.I guess they're made so for game balancing reasons, however it's quite true they attack other ants like in the 2.1, but I still believe this predators just attack the main playing ant colony in the other parts of the game. Thanks for your comments.
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In free play mode funnel spiders will kill devil's coach horse larva, but I'm not sure about the adults because they might be too big for them to kill. In 2.1 all the enemies are allied, that is the one level as well as 1.1 where all the enemies are allied.
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