Formica sanguinea Challenge!

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The ocean has left the beach, and because of this, plant and animal life has returned yet again to the dunes. Among the many plants and animals, many Formica sanguinea queens have founded colonies and now are harvesting fish left by the sea. However, one of these queens was not so fortunate. This queen was delayed in her flight to the dunes. This meaning that she was unable to found a thriving colony before the arrival of the many carnivorous insects that inhabit the beach now. This will be a tough fight for this colony, but if it succeeds, it will rise to the ranks of the other colonies.


Formica rufa: tanks only

Starting Difficulty: 0% easy, 25% medium, 50% hard, 75% insane.
You cannot choose "constant"

Landmarks: Every thing except infestation.

Bugs: Every small version of bug, this includes all spider types except for the large one.

Upkeep, Nocturnal/Diurnal, and Day/Night cycle is required.

Challenge: The ground has become dry for many days now, and the plant life has perished.

Note: I did not have the chance to test this, so this may be impossible to complete.
Ants are beautiful,
but if fooled around with,
can be deadly.

What are the victory conditions?
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To answer your question, the victory condition is to survive long enough to overwhelm all of the creatures.
Ants are beautiful,
but if fooled around with,
can be deadly.