Eatable waves Freeplay Mode

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First of all: Thank you for the new freeplay mode.

I would however like to see one new setting: Eatable waves. Currently the waves are sinking into the ground after being defeated instead of leaving eatable corpses like in the normal levels. I totally get why this is the normal setting. Personally I would love to have the option(!) to strip down the remains of the wave.

Yes, it would make it much easier to survive huge waves. This is exactly why I would like to have it.

I would also like to see that after an ant is dead that it can be used as food, even if is not much

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Eatable waves would, after a tipping point, make the game very easy - you'd be getting free food delivered straight to you. I understand that some players might like this but it would certainly take the challenge out of it!

We've discussed having ant corpses collectible too but there's a few reasons we don't want to do this. Firstly, very few ant species are cannibalistic, and also since ants die very frequently it'd tie the remaining ants up with too many gather jobs.

Maybe the waves give very reduced food, like instead of 300 from a Tiger Beetle you get 75.