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A really cool feature of this game is that the player gets to see the ants dissect their prey and store it, amounting a really interesting collection of ant food.
Unfortunately--the way the game is now--when your ants kill a hermit crab or are collecting bits from dead fish, the dissected bits of the food look exactly the same as the dissected bugs.  :'(
Where's the beef?!?
Needless to say, each dead creature should break down into appropriate looking meat, don't you think?  :-\

Yeah, I was also hoping little details like that, and also queen animations would be added, but I think they will come with the final release or after unfortunately.
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a) good point about the queen. Same deal there. Needs her own meat chunks.
b) I would hope they could fix this earlier than the final release. Of course, I want new levels even more! Can't wait for those leaf-cutters...

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We might go back in and add some variation there. For now it's a time consideration when I'm sure most would prefer us to be working on the next levels.

Yeah, definitely I agree to get the levels out first.
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Any chance to see more Alpha demo modes to keep things going until the next levels are released