diminshed food on Free Play

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Good Evening,

 I have about 260 hours played so im still a noob. I started playing freeplay last week and have my own queen. I build up my colony and all of a sudden the food returns from killing is like 3-6 pieces per kill no matter what i kill.

THis morning I got up early and started a new "world". things were going well, I had 18 shooters, 17 soldiers and 20 workers. I was on medium difficulty (i pushed the difficulty slider up to 3/4s of the way) had everything spawning but spiderlings.. god i had them i am old and can't see them on my screen.  I was planning on going afk for a bit to read my baby a book so I built up enough food pods for 1800 food and had placed 51 speed zone tiles to speed up my workers to retreieve the food.

Am i missing something or is this a mechanic of the game? At that point i couldn't make my colony any stronger as i was only getting enough food to replenish my dead as the waves came in... oh btw. I had like 60 fully grown Devils Coachhorse at my gate not letting anything but themselves in (5-6 at a time)  Im all for the challenge but this got bad...  This has happened to me twice so far so im thinking either its mechanically set that way or maybe bad luck?


ANd looking forward to next updates!


It's intentional.  Once difficulty reaches over 100% in freeplay the food drops decrease significantly. 

To take on the waves, you really need to utilize formicarium colonies.  Preferably take an optimal build, like royal decree+second wind+meat wall+self-repair+high-pressure+crippling
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