Other games to avoid burnout

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I was wondering what other games people were playing that also enjoy EotU.  Personally, I jumped into XCOM Enemy Within, and have now gotten hooked on the Long War Rebalance mod. 
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I would also like to play a tactical video game that includes the war between two teams. My elder brother used to play Empires of the undergrowth. Generally, I used to play Call of Duty which is a shooter video game. There are many series of Call of Duty like Black Ops, Modern Warfare, etc. You can also buy Call of Duty World War 2 if you are interested in playing a shooter video game. This game can also be played on either PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One etc.

I'm curious, do you guys not only switch games but genres too when you get burned out of a game? I do. I can't, for example, hop from one MMO to another if I got burned out.

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I play a wide variety of stuff. Despite the subject matter of our game, RTS is not my favourite genre - I'm primarily an FPS guy. Currently playing through Dishonored 2 which is great.

Got done with making a minigame in Minecraft. It is basically people being dropped into an arena with a bed as their spawnpoint, and the environment is pretty small. They can do whatever thy choose to defend their bed.
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