Screen Shot Saturday - Ecuador

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Beneath the leaf litter of the Ecuadorian rainforests, the leafcutter ants stir. Atta cephalotes sends out trails to harvest the nearby flora - they use the leaves to grow a fungus on which they feed.

We have some ways to go for this update yet (there will be another one in the meantime), but we're really excited with the progress we've been making recently, particularly in regards to Matt's artwork. The rainforest is looking spectacular!

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Nice. But I do hope in the future, there will be variations of ant mounds and hills which offer different benefits. There could be a different variation in each species, or perhaps there will be an option to choose the types of hills you want, on certain gamemodes.

One thing for sure, we will be ready for whatever challenges you throw at us!

Awesome! I also hope there will be more ant hill variations. Maybe a different mound per ant species or by biome. Nevertheless, I am looking forward to the next newsletter!
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you guys are using quality over quantity nice!

Every weekend you give me new proof that patience is worthwhile. Great work! These screemshots are amazing!

The rainforest looks so fucking awesome! Keep it up!!!