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My queen Cleopatra and her workers setup is a glass test tube, and the outworld next to the window. Itís 20C where they are but the glass test tube feels cold, and I think theyíre uncomfortable because their desert ants. Iím worried if a put a heating pad it will flood from moisture. What should I do to make them happy?

What species are they? The desert can become pretty cold so it shouldn't really be a threat to them but obviously they will develop much slower at lower temperatures.
You can put a heating mat or a heating cable/pad under the outworld somewhere near the tube but not exactly under it. The ants will then probably carry the brood to the warm spot over night and put it back into the dark tube during day.

I would also strongly recommend you to join the antkeeping discord chat, we have a lot of experienced keepers there who could help you out (we probably even have some people keeping the exact same species):

The server seems to be nuked

How do gain access?