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do you guys currently have any idea how many Formicarium levels there will be? and will these most likely all feature different ants? (also for every new type of ant you add you might need to change up the formicarium or do somthing really cool that gives us more space of somthing. either way whatever you do is goona be awesome. keep up the good work

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Yes, there will be 3 more tiers before we call the formicarium campaign done - so that's 6 more individual levels (each with challenge mode) and 3 more formicarium challenges.

Each will feature one species of ant you can add to your colony, but will also feature some other species as enemies. Next up is leafcutters.

Not quite ready to talk about our plans for the formicarium itself just yet (spoilers!)

oooh i knew you would have something cool planned for the formicarium, after you have completed the campaign do you have anything else at mind of what your going to do next? like the different levels like the nest and so on will there be more like that to come? sorry if im asking a lot of question i just love this game so much.