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So, let me start this thread.

What about fan-translations for free?
I mean, some users could translate part of the game to different languages. Not the whole game (or even whole if someone has time and experience), but at least UI parts, menus, tooltips and stuff such like these. Ofc, devs could (or even should) mark such language versions (for example via pop-up).

You probably remeber (or not) that there was a backer that offered to translate some of the texts in the game to Polish. I'm still up to that idea and still offer my help ;)

sounds like a great idé i would say!  :)
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I already offered my help for the canadian-french traduction :)

I also offered my help with the French traduction a while ago. It would honestly be a waste of their money to hire a translator

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There are plans for localization. Stay tuned.

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I remember discussing this with you MBargo.  As you rightly point out, there are different levels of localization.  We have menu and tooltip text, a spoken narrator, and the narrator's subtitles.

For the foreseeable future, we will likely only have an English speaking narrator in the game.  We will have the subtitles translated professionally into a number of additional languages.  We want to cover as many as we can afford, but they will likely be released one at a time in order of demand. 

As for the menus and tooltips, this job is comparably much easier and we have been considering crowdsourcing the task to anyone who is up for it.  Once we know exactly what is needed, we will need to provide a table in English and some way of allowing groups of people to work together on translations.  It should probably be done trough this forum.

If a norwegian translation is ever needed, Im up for it
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I'm bringing nthe idea back :) Look what guys from Thing Trunk did a month or so ago:

Maybe there is a chance to do the same with your game?

BTW, do you guys need a translation of your Steam store page? I have some experience in that ;)

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Just to let you know, I'm still here, still eager to help ;-)