My Feedback on the New Update

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1. The Spider Level
I love this level, it offers difficulty and a new perspective on the game itself. I also love the fact that not everyone knows about it. Would love to see it go on to become its own game.
2. Small Improvments System
I said I wasn't going to use it, but I used it. Really helps out my mortar ants and my low-damage fusca ants. I'm also going to use it to increase the health and armor of my leafcutter tanks once they are here.
3. The New Map, Towhead
I was disappointed at first, but then I realized the tide was clearing out most of the creatures. Still needs more to it I feel. Maybe some islands? Or maybe introduce the Tiger Beetle larva?
Anyways, that's all I have to say about the update.
Ants are beautiful,
but if fooled around with,
can be deadly.

Some ideas to make towhead better: Make the flood last for longer, and when it recedes, add in some shrimp that spawns. I can see how this map might be designed for multiple colony skirmishes, although it is a bit small. That would make controlling the bottom areas of the map something to fight for.
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Perhaps the log in the background in the YouTube video could bring some food, or more enemies. Also, I forgot to mention that because of the fast gameplay, the "Queen of the Hill" music would be more suitable.
Ants are beautiful,
but if fooled around with,
can be deadly.

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Some nice thoughts on Towhead. Will bring the music idea up with Liam. Whilst making towhead I did think about enemy colonies. Hopefully when we do get them into the game the map will feel more different. Dropping food also sounds like a good idea. Will give it a think.

We need to balance spitters, there the only option on freeplay.