Freeplay difficulty ???

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I just tryed to play this game again after maybe 6+ months of first play... And it appears i can't play at all.

I mean, i'm probably terribad. but i start freeplay with all defaut option... And i lose within 5-10 min...

With the food in the nest i can get like 4-6 workers and 2 fighters... I open the entry and... usually there is a pack of 5 black insects waiting me. If there is not they come within 2-3 min max (when i can cather enough food for 2/3 more ants). And they stay at the entry, they do not move or roam at all. They just sit there to jail me insite. And then another pack of 5 come... And another one... And after a few minutes they invade the nest and RUSH the queen and i lose (because obviously they know where she is).


I tried 11 times. I just can't make it. I even tryed with lower difficulty (like halven), wich makes me play like 3 extra min with the same output.

Zero fun.

So i think i'll just uninstall and give it a very last chance in 6 months. But curently i'm highly disapointed and don't see me recommand this game to anyone.

Not anger or bitterness, just giving devs feedback of what a random dude may thing starting the game.

I cannot share you critism and i really love this game (it just needs to get more things to do/manage for the player) but still...have to agree that on the new Freeplay (not on the old one,) map i face the same problem. Underground i find only food for very few ants, and when i open the entrance, some big beattles camping there already, and dont allow me to gather any food aynwhere as i simple cannot leave the nest without dying.

Try using all of the food to make soldiers, then invade the pack of the three DCH larva, which has food inside. (Even though it doesnt look like it does) I usually then tunnel to the surface. The insects do not appear to attack until you send ants to the surface and/or attack any critters. I did a run with the black ants using this strategy. Hope this helps!
Ants are beautiful,
but if fooled around with,
can be deadly.

Unfortunately not as on the Beach map it is 2-3 tiger beetles or three of the the big beetles (dont know the english name)...nothing to win there with 10-12 ants.
And their "spawn point" is aprox 2 meters away from ants nest entrance, so as soon you leave the nest in any direction your ants are doomed.

You can manage it with exact mirco timing, but still it is a very very very difficult start.
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