New Ants

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How many ants do you will in this game ? Or what is preview ?

(I don't want a answer like "A lot" or "we will see by the time" xD)

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There was a flowchart of sorts of the plans before release, which I think implied we'd have 5 species besides the ereptor at the end. 

We don't really know what those species will be, however. 
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We do so far have:
- Formica fusca
- Formica rufa

Next update we get:
- Leafcutters (judging by the size probably Acromyrmex)
- Odontomachus sp (Trapjaw ants, non-playable)
- Army ants (from the looks probably Eciton sp., non-playable)

So if they make trapjaws and army ants playable we're at 5 (not sure if army ants would be viable as a playable species as they don't build nests and would require a completely different economy). I'm still hoping for Camponotus though because of their sheer size and extreme polymorphism.
Pheidole would be a nice addition as well and fulfill the tiny crawly ant niche (they could come in squads of 6 for the minors and squads of 2 for the soldiers).
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We also have Formica sanguinea (non-playable), which is irrelevant, but I'll mention it.
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They should have another level with Formica sanguinea

I hope once enemy colonies are added in the future, we can play with them in free play mode. It would be fun just to mess around with them and steal some brood, and it would be challenging to survive.
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Thanks to all of you guys !  ;D