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Army ants will appear in Empires of the Undergrowth as enemies in the 3rd tier Formicarium missions. Last week we showed two sizes of army ant workers.

Featured here is the soldier caste - analogous to the large majors that the leafcutter colonies produce. These brutes protect the flanks of the army’s trails from attack. Their large mandibles are more than capable of delivering a killing blow to any number of arthropods and a painful nip to things larger. Unless prepared for battle, it would be advisable for the denizens of the rainforest undergrowth to avoid the trails of the army ants - lest they incur the wrath of their imposing protectors.

I would like to see a major leafcutter next to the army ants major to see the differences of size.
Continue the good work! ;)

Army Ants vs Mantis battle! I hope that in the next levels all enemies realistically fight each other for the most part, mainly for watching cool battles but maybe for scavenging.
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impressive !
In the game of ants, you play or you die.

These army ants are looking great! The rain forest levels seem to have a lot of biodiversity.
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In the forest, Every night Is FIGHT NIGHT