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Ant keepers, show yourselves.. and your colonies too! :D

Let me introduce myself - I started keeping ants 11 years ago. I had (and still have) plenty of species from Poland. I prefer smaller ants, but have also some aggressive and/or bigger ants too.

Currently I keep:
- Camponotus herculeanus - colony from ~2013 (started with a single queen), sits inside cork nest so I'm unable to count them (at least 200+) :P
- Formica rufibarbis - colony started in 2012 from a single queen, sits in sandy nest so I'm also unable to count them (at least (400-600 ants)
- Formica cinerea  - two small colonies, one 1,5 year old and second only half year old
- Solenopsis fugax - colony started 1,5 year ago, they are so small that it is hard to count them too. I presume there are 400-500 ants in the nest or even more
- Leptothorax acervorum - small colony gathered in a stick in coniferous forest (a few dozen of ants and 2 queens)
- Lasius brunneus - first successful attempt of establishing a colony of that species. I think I caught the queen in 2015. Currenty it has ca. 25 workers ^^
- Lasius flavus - just cuaght, I will have to hand it over to someone (no, I'm not trading ants here! :x)
- Camponotus fallax - I traded a colony of T. caespitum for her. Have the queen from two years, and the colony never started to grow.. only 1 worker :<

My ideas for formicariums and some photos of my colonies (current and old ones) can be found at:

Man, one of the things I've been blown away by following the development of this game is how it's attracting the REAL ant fans - people who keep colonies in their homes for fun. That's a really humbling thing and I know the guys were a bit humbled by how real enthusiasts were getting excited for their RTS game.

BTW, you're as excellent a photographer as you are an ant keeper. That Flickr page is astonishing.

Currently only Tetramorium and Crematogaster.

I have very basic ant-keeper experience: Lasius niger and Lasius flavus. Always been mesmerised by Atta colonies though, has long been my dream to keep one.

i have a Messor barbarus colony since 2009. I had many ant species befor but Messor is my favorit :). I like species with big polymorphic and not aggrassiv.


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