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While I was on the forum one day I wanted my thumbnail to show a picture of my own ant queen. I tried but there was nothing that let my ant_queen.jpg to be my thumbnail, not even an approval process. Well, I was thinking that one of you Mike and John can ask a trusty relative to approve ant pics some of us might want to be are thumbnails. The person will have a special tag saying picture approver.

I was thinking also if you like some of our private photos of ants you could ask to add it to the list of pre-existing ones, there could be a comment on one of our ideas that say, "Do you want this picture to be a regular thumbnail" It then asks you yes or no. This will express people through using pictures of their ant queens.

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I would be happy to add photos to the regular list. If you link me to the photos I can make a folder with your name on it. We could allow this for anyone who wants to give other the options of using their photos as avatars.

I can offer some of mine, what format/size should these have?