Megaponera analis

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Megaponera analis(aka matabele ant) this is a very cool ant, it has some very interesting features but not enough to make it into the game I don't think but interesting enough to talk about.

 These ants are 9-18mm long, they're known for their raiding termite nest which termites are there mean diet. Scouts search an area of 50 meters for a termite nest, once a nest is found the scout leaves a pheromone trail & soon a raiding party of a few hundred march towards the nest in columns like a legion. Large majors break holes in the nest as smaller workers enter the nest for the kill, they're quick and effective and grab literally mouthful of termite bodies back to the nest. What's really amazing about this type of ant is that if there are any injured ants that can't make it back, larger ants pick them up & bring them back to the nest for them to heal.

These are videos I found on them...

Again I don't think you'll add them to the game but if you were, you could add a feature where ants that only have one third of hp left have there speed decrease by 60% & you can have megaponera ants pick them up & bring them back to the nest. Or you can have them have a passive ability where if you send a group of purely megaponara ants to attack an enemy nest, they get a buff to defense and attack.
Alone we're weak, Together we're strong...

This could be an enemy for the Stretch Goal/DLC.

There actually was a stretch goal

Anyone wanting to see the video don't use the links, type or paste the URL at the end into youtube. Then you can see it without freezing

So I just stumbled across this thread during some google searches for Megaponera and have to say I find this game very cool (did not know about it!).

I am actually the lead author of the studies concerning Megaponera analis and their rescue behaviour (and foraging behaviour in general) and we just brought out a new study today in which we show that the rescue behaviour in fact goes a lot further than just carrying injured ants back to the nest. In fact these ants seem to receive a very specialised treatment of the wound inside the nest (by nestmates) which prevents an infection. For more info you can see this short documentary by Science Magazine:

I am a big fan of RTS games (ever since Warcraft I), so if you plan to implement the species in some way let me know and I am happy to help.


This would be cool ET89 because maybe there will be medbay tiles were if you rescue an ant it will upgrade it. And if it's almost completely dead and you and make it survive then it could become tier 4. Medbay tiles will be expensive though, about 80 food each.

Oh, that'd be cool. Maybe instead of being permanently tier 4 it would gain a special buff that gives it more health and attack in a small period of time?